Ivory Ellison,
Parent Coordinator

This summer, School for Classics' Summer school sessions will be at Maxwell High School located at 145 Pennsylvania Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207

For questions or more details, please contact Ms. Ivory at (718) 576-0038  

Parents/Guardians It's that time again!!! 

We need your help in submitting the NYC School Survey so you will have your voice heard. 


To complete the survey, go to www.NYCSchoolSurvey.org and enter a lowercase letter f followed by your child’s nine-digit Student Identification (OSIS) Number in the survey code. For example, if your child’s Student Identification (OSIS) Number is 212345678 you would enter ‘f212345678’ 


You can also access the survey by logging into your NYC Schools account.




Currently New York City is at a high level of COVID-19 transmission. During this time, schools should limit nonessential visitors coming into the building during the school day. Schools are encouraged, where possible, to address visitor and parent concerns by phone or computer. Principals and designated staff may conduct meetings remotely where possible. 

In order to protect staff and students in DOE buildings, all visitors wishing to enter DOE buildings must show proof of having at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. Visitors do not include students attending school in a DOE building, including adult students participating in D79, YABC, or DYCD programs.  



In order to enter the building, a visitor must have proof of vaccination, completion of the daily health screening form, and must be wearing a face covering. If the visitor cannot comply with those requirements, the School Safety Agent should connect the visitor with Parent Coordinator or other relevant staff member to assist.  

Great News! You do not need to apply for your child to receive meals. However, we do ask families to complete Family Income Inquiry Form. Click the link above to complete the form

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From 5pm-6pm

PTA Meeting Dates

School Leadership Team Meeting dates




From 3pm-6pm

PupilPath- Is an online program for Parents/Students to track schedule, grades contact teachers and staff and receive important updates. You can get your Registration code from Ms. Ivory, Parent Coordinator. 

Keep Your Child Healthy
With in-school dental care AT NO COST TO YOU!!

New York City Schools Account – Online program for families to have direct information to NYCDOE announcements and updates. Easy access to documents (IEP’s, transcripts and ability to complete important forms). You can get your Creation code from Ms. Ivory, Parent Coordinator

NYC Health Screening - Must be completed every day, we encourage your child/children to download and complete, take a screenshot before coming to school. Click below for the link.